Mini House Shed...

Well since I have moved back to NJ to marry my now wife. I still long for when I was a full time employee at Res3d in Anchorage, AK. We worked on a lot of architectural visualization and other technical, and commercial projects.

Well as boring as anything architectural was to me at the time [more focused on industrial design type work], I actually miss it some. So I decided to put together what you see here. Its obviously a work in progress.

But instead of going off plans or doing things to scale, I decided to just do it “off the top of my head”. So if things look out of proportion, my apologies, but I am not trying to mimic plans for a client over here :wink:

So With this being said, all of what you see so far is geometry and the poly count is around 32,099 thus far.

Now while this is low, I am working from my older Toshiba laptop with no dedicated graphics and a dual core intel with my 4gb of RAM! lol So as this project goes farther, my computer will become slower!


Okay now back to modeling…