Mini render service

Hello Everyone,

I happen to have some computational performance at my disposal and I am currently in the making of some scripts helping me “automate” blender renders. (will be a secondary income only, I am not aiming to beat :))

I am not an artist by any means (I “worked” with some 3d modeling software as a hobby in the past)
Because of this I have so many doubts and I didn’t find a better place to contact blender artists :slight_smile:

If I create a project It is usually in a folder and contains a single whatever.blend file.
When I played with my hardware I downloaded the defacto blender benchmarkfile bmw27 which was also a single file.

So here is topic #1

  • Are all project consist of a single .blend file on operating system level?
  • If not, do projects have multiple .blend files in the project’s directory?
  • If yes, how should I know which is the file I should render?


Topic #2Are you using the most recent blender to make your artwork or you have older releases as well for some reason?

Topic #3What are your average render times?
What are the reasons you (may) decide to use a service for rendering other than keeping the deadlines.

Topic #4
What is the average / peak memory consumption during your renders? It is critical for me because I use GPUs to render with 6GB / 4GB ram