mini truck lowrider. UPDATED!!!!!!

(scrappy) #1

this has no make, model or brand name, just one of my good ol’ freestyle models, right now the color and roof are optional, im not liking the roof too much, im thinking convertable 8) so any suggestions would be great!!! the rims are also temporary, im going to make a new set. as for the color, i think its kinda cool, it almost looks like the chromeillusion paint. …GO TO NEWEST POSTED URL…

(S68) #2

Cool start, but aren’t weels too deeply inset?


(BgDM) #3

Good strat! I am not too keen on the roof as it sits either. Doesn’t look quit right. I also think it is pretty boxy. Maybe smooth out spome of the corners?

Stefano: A lot of hot rod’a have wheels inset like that. Gives it a more pronounced stance and makes it look meaner.


(blengine) #4

haha very cool… the chromeness is iffy though =\ i dont really like it but i love the model =)

(rixtr66) #5

the modelling is well done,the paint…hmmmdont know,its an interesting look though,maybe tint it a little.
nice work

(digitalSlav) #6

one look at the subject and i knew it was you!

great start. the cab seems huge though… bring the roof down a bit. and as stated i’d probably ditch the colored chrome… makes you model look foil thin. can’t wait to see this thing all tweaked out!

(scrappy) #7

i changed the color, ditched the roof, added interior, and amp, some speakers, but still have to make the front end…guess i got ahead of myself :wink: im also going to add some air tanks in the bed for the air ride suspension…

(scrappy) #8

awww…no more replies??? oh well here is another wip pic, just added some paint graphics to the sides and hood. i wan’t some opinions on the color!!! please… :wink:

(rogerm3d) #9

Looks cool
like the amp
Just make it a little less blocky and bevel the rear fenders
And a steering wheel by the looks of it