mini-tut easy skybox creation setup

ok, so i’ve been experimenting a little and came up with this:

(sorry no images or video)

where to use: have a fully created 3d scene you want to turn into a skybox

2.convert skydome to a skybox(save some polys)

3.i dunno yet, you guys figure out more use’s

how too:

1.add a cube to your scene.

2.UV unwrap with your own prefered layout onto a new image

  1. add a subsurf modifier- levels=max method = simple subdivide(<IMPORTANT)

4.add a cast modifier- sphere, factor=1

  1. add a material to the cube, turn on raytraced reflections up to max. all other settings default

6.renderbake the cube.-Full Render


ok, explanation:

subsurf must be simple subdivide because catmul-clarke causes distortion in the final texture.

blenders render baking takes care of the old seam problem too, with its margin setting in the render bake options

to convert a skydome simply have it in the scene mapped and set to shadless.

sorry if this was a bit of a messy mini tut, its late. i just tested this concept, i’ll probably experiment with it more.

i can post a simple blend later if somebody wants.