Hey guys,

After taking a break from CG for quite some time, I recently started again, just did this miniature scene, and looking for feedback.

I’m going to improve the texture on the wooden table.

Other than that, any feedback (constructive or otherwise) would be welcome!


Credits: Some construction models taken from 3DWarehouse some are my own creation, but texturing and materials all done by me.

Looking very nice so far, I like your concept. The elements of the scene needs some better placement, it looks like they where just placed randomly, I’m not sure if they are trying to put the sweets back into the can or onto the truck.

The materials on the toys looks very dull, almost as if there is no gloss added to it.

A couple things strike me right away, mostly to do with the composition:

There’s a lot going on in the scene, which is fine – but there’s nothing to guide the eye through the frame or indicate a focus/subject. Adding some depth of field wold be a quick help (and also help it seem like a miniature). Rearranging a few of the objects (for example creating more space around the digger and wheelbarrow) or using light to draw the eye would also go a long way.

Building on that, you almost have a spiral composition in the placement of the objects (cyan line), assuming the barrow is the subject:

It might be worth playing with the camera angle and the scene layout to bring that spiral pattern out better. For example, moving the camera up higher to look down at the scene and moving the M&M container and crane so they aren’t as parallel to the table’s edge. (red lines -> blue lines) It may also help to zoom in closer so more of the frame is filled with the construction equipment, and less with the surrounding scene.

One last note, on the materials: I don’t know how close to finished with them you are, but it always helps to have a look at some reference like this and get familiar with the materials used and how they behave under similar lighting conditions as yours. In this case, dark rubber and glossy plastic on what looks like a table outside in overcast light.

I hope some of this was helpful.

Apply a camera focus effect.

Are you just testing your modelling skills? They seems ok. But then I ask: What is the point with your image? I dont se any logick or intention behind it? Is it a commersial for m&m? then I dont understand it. What are you trying to show us? - no need for explination in words --> let the image tell your story :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for all the very constructive feedback, I have tried to change the camera angle and properties to try to increase the realism. I have also tried to avoid giving the idea of randomly placed objects by changing the placement of some objects, but I’m not sure if you guys are able to get the idea?

The next step is working on the materials of the toys, I agree with you guys that it’s kinda dull. I’ll try to UV map them to make it more interesting! :slight_smile: