MiniGun rotation issue

I am trying to make a mounted minigun. My problem is that the rotation of the barrels overlaps with the rotation of the entire gun when I turn it left and right. This causes it to rotate in all kinds of crazy directions. Is there anyway to make the rotations happen independent of each other?

Another smaller problem is that if I take the “empty” I am using to shoot bullets and “parent” it to the gun, for some reason it stretches the bullet out really far into a cylinder shape. Any idea why that could be happening?

I appreciate any help guys!

ctrl+A -> apply scale

also try making each part that moves seperate, and parent the hierarchy down the chain,

then I would use play animation and set frame, and have ‘fire frames’ that you use to add projectiles and fx etc,

edit: (check origins of rotating bits as well)

What BluePrintRandom wants to say:

  • ensure that ALL parents of the emitter have a scale of (1.0, 1.0, 1.0) or at least a homogeneous scale (all axis have the same scale).

Could anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial explaining parent scaling. “Blender parent scaling” is not getting me anywhere :frowning:

You parented an object to another. The object is the child, the “another” is the parent.

The “parent scaling” is … the scaling of the parent object.

As a parent can be a child too you need to check it’s parent too until there is no further parent.

In other words:

  • check yourself: if you are scaled -> remove scale
  • check you parent: if it is scaled -> remove scale
  • check your grandparent: if it is scaled -> remove scale
  • check your great-grandparents: if it is scaled -> remove scale
  • check your great-great-grandparents: if it is scaled -> remove scale
  • check your great-great-great-grandparents: if it is scaled -> remove scale