Minimal Linux Desktop with Blender (xfce, flux?)

After messing about quite a bit it seems that overall Blender is a happier experience in Linux, not that I have it in for Windows or anything. I am trying to find a minimalist desktop experience with out too much futzing with configuration files etc. Gnome and KDE seem as bloated as Windows and OSX. They are not necessarily slow, but they just feel heavy. I like fluxbox but I am running dual monitors and that seems to get complicated. I installed xfce and am loving it but am running into the issue where you can not select an edge loop with alt+rmb. Various searches turn up other people with the same problem but no solutions. Is anyone successfully using Blender and all of its features under something other than Gnome or KDE? With dual monitors? Any suggestions? I see the occsional screenshot of Gnome where it looks like they have added an application menu to the context menu but haven’t been able to find anything like that. That or if anyone has found a fix for the alt+rmb issue in xfce I’d be eternally grateful.

I believe SHIFT+ALT+RMB might work. If the problem with ALT+RMB is that you get the window menu, you can reassign the keyboard input so that something else+RMB brings up the window menu. I think the Windows button is a popular choice. How to do that may depend on which OS you are using. System Tools, Keyboard configuration, Window Preferences…

Ahhh…Shift+Alt+RMB does work! Many thanks. No menu comes up with alt+rmb like it does in Gnome. It just doesn’t do anything. I can live with shift+alt however. I will be sticking with xfce then. Thanks, I don’t know how I didn’t give that a whirl before hand!

Yeah, you can change it that in the settings somewhere. I use the Super key (Windows Logo) instead of Alt for window manager mousebindings.