Minimalist Apartment

I just started getting back into 3D modeling after an extended hiatus. This scene is going to be a minimalist (first) apartment. Currently I plan on adding a few more small objects (books, computer accessories, shelf items, etc) and I also want to change the bed slightly. I’d prefer the bed to have a thicker blanket to replace (or lay on top of) the sheet. The bed is actually very similar to a bed that I had when I first moved out on my own. It’s a Japanese-style futon mattress.

Constructive criticism is welcome.



  • Changed the blanket (UVs, texture, and thickness)
  • Added a desk chair
  • Added a power cable for the laptop
  • Added a couple of my favorite board games to the shelf (Dead of Winter, Eldritch Horror)

I plan on changing the plant and also improving the brown book under the desk lamp. Besides that, I’m still exploring what else to add to the room.


  • Greatly improved the potted plant
  • Removed the brown book from the scene
  • Added a small cardboard box to the top shelf
  • Changed the desk lamp to use IES lighting
  • Changed the background/scene lighting to place more focus on the room

At this point I believe the scene is “complete”, but I may end up adding more to it after thinking it over.