Minimap for a dynamic map

As I understand about minimaps, the usual technique is to have a pre-rendered image map and to move the coordinates of the viewable map as the character moves. What if the map is dynamically created and may be different each time you start the game? Is there a method to get a new captured image file via python, or is there a different technique I should be using?


Create an image from the data used to generate the landscape.
How-to depends on the map generating method. Elaborate a little on it, perhaps?

you could take a look at this old blend ,it is a random generated level test with a minimap.

You can make a live minimap without much of a hassle, just add a camera to the player looking down and ofc. parented to it, and use render to texture.

Very basic, but it works (not the best way, due to using a big amount of resources, but gets the job done. If that is what you need)

I suggest using @Liebranca 's method