Mining Truck

Actually this is an older work from around early 2016. The truck is fully rigged with suspension and some integrated stuff like an expanding crane. Also the whole cockpit is a standalone unit that could be let down on the ground.
Although the modell is finished, the backround scene is still missing. I hope to build a proper scene for this model someday.

Edit: I added my original drawing that I used as a reference for the model. I hope you like it;) Thanks!


Dirt, rust, epic dimensions - Crazy brutal thing! I like it.

Awesome modelling man! Love it!

So cool!! yeah, maybe the background doesn’t blend seamlessly, by that maybe soften/highlight/bloom the rim of the whole truck just slightly for now/ there would be less contrast due to the dust right?

It’s not dusty enough.

Here is what I mean:

Wow, thats a fast response. Thanks man! Yeah, I have to work out a nice fitting scene with enough dust. I haven´t touched the project for about a year, so this is a really old version. I try to give it a shot over the weekend. Thanks agin;)