MiniTut: an x shaped hole on a face.

Well, inspired by a question on the Week Day Challenge (, i write this short tut, that i think relies on how good topology enhances modeling.
C&C are welcome, and here it goes:

  1. Make a plane.

  2. delete the face, leaving just edges. (First delete one edge, and then select the two open points and press Fkey)

  3. extrude only the edges, and don’t move them, just scale them. Extrude and scale the new edges to get it like the figure.

  4. press F to fill the square hole in the middle. Then with Ctrl+R add two cuts horizontal and two cuts vertical.

  5. tweak points (i just scaled them) to get the X shape as you want. Select the faces that will conform the hole.

  6. Extrude them a little.

  7. Subsurf. You can tweak this a little by adding more loop cuts where you need, pressing Shift+E to control the creasing of the subsurf, etc.

For the render i’ve added two loop cuts and extruded the external sides to get something similar to a box. No more detail :wink:

Hope you like it!