Minolta SRT 101

Been working on this model recently (Minolta SRT 101). How can i make this render look more realistic?
Blender 2.79b, Cycles Render

"Okay, full disclosure: I still have(!) this camera’s cousin, the SRT-202, and based on this I can offer a few suggestions:

  • Overall, the left side of the camera seems “too short.” The left side of the actual unit is just as long as the right side.
  • The logo, although correctly shaped (except for the “M”) is wrong: it appears to be pasted-on.
  • The timer-cam is “cocked.” I would not expect it to be.
  • Some of the lettering on the lens is not exactly right: the “J” doesn’t extend below the kern-line of the typeface on the real thing.
  • The lens appears out-of-proportion, probably (I think) due to the absence of the left side of the camera body.
  • All of the knobs on top of the unit inexplicably appear “blurry.”
  • The side of the camera is a bit more rounded on the actual unit.

However … Your [intended …] attention to detail is quite admirable. For instance, the treatment of the lens-glass itself is quite well done. Ditto the lens and the lettering on the side of the lens.

I would say the most unrealistic parts are the silvery metal areas and the Minolta logo. They look kinda flat. The “Minolta” and “SRT 101” should be etched in. But overall it’s looking pretty good. :+1:

Check the font on the lettering on the front of the lens. It looks a lot like blender default font to me…

This is a fun camera, I have put probably 40 rolls of film through mine, and I also made a 3d model of it:

Thank you very much for giving all this feedback!
Can you tell me what you mean by the timer-came is “cocked”?

Thank you very much, i’ll try to fix those details!

Yes i used the blender default font in that, i’ll change that.
Wow, your model looks great!