Minolta XE film camera


(robocyte) #1

As long as I can remember, my mom had this analog camera. She got it from my grandpa - who always had to have the newest gadget in photography - when he bought himself the Minolta 7000 sometime in the 80s. She used it mainly for her work as a biologist, but also took lots of pictures of our family. Some time in the late 90s, I took my first steps in photography with this camera.
Lots of good memories, so why not make a 3d tribute?

Subd modeled in Blender, Cycles render 3000 spp (no denoising, killed too much texture detail)
Filmic LUT, minimal retouch in Photoshop

-> WIP thread

(forby) #2

Really great work, man. I’ve been enjoying following the progress. Keep it up!

(robocyte) #3

Thanks forby! Will post more renders tomorrow after work

(XYZNinja) #4

This looks awesome, man, awesome.

(aaronh) #5

This looks amazing. My wife has a similar model Minolta camera and man, your textures and modeling are spot on. Really nice work.

(CG-Predator) #6

Its gorgeous. Well done

(robocyte) #7

As promised some more shots:

(Meshmonkey) #8

Absolutely gorgeous!

(radek) #9

Great renders; very polished. Love the DOF, the neat vintage atmosphere and the lighting. The first three ones look way better, by the way.

(shatterblast) #10

I definitely agree with that. The first and third one in the very first post seem quite “photo”-realistic to me. (See what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue: )

This may sound odd, but the “fifth” picture looks a bit too surreal to me in the lens part. Still, it is well done.

(robocyte) #11

Thanks for your kind words, really appreciate the feedback!

(djwaterman) #12

One can see the love and nostalgia reflected in the detailing and textures, very realistic.

(robocyte) #13

Thank you!

(AndréDe) #14

Awesome work! Great to see this one done!

(robocyte) #15

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(sylv) #16

Wow, amazing. The whole WIP thread is fantastic. Is that a scratch on the front of the silver part just under the film rewind handle? It is so realistic that its breath taking.

(robocyte) #17

Thanks sylv - yes, that’s a scratch!

(Otis Deixon) #18

It’s an impressive work!
For me, the DOF is just a little much hard.

(philiphoting) #19

Superb and visually stunning! Looking forward to more of your work! Or some wip nodes sneak peek if you are ok to share.

“Lots of good memories, so why not make a 3d tribute?” And here comes hours and hours of hardwork! Hahaha

(MDR43Arch) #20

Astonishing work! I’m new to all of this, it’s damned exciting. Craftsmanly work, Mr. robocyte, as well as very accomplished composition & “supporting” elements (mentioned by radek & djwaterman) : lighting, atmosphere, sense of loving nostalgia. Full disclosure - I owned such cameras from that era, just not that Minolta (basic Canon, all manual settings); best way to learn photography. Like learning to actually draw, design buildings, etc., before learning Blender imhop. May your career flourish!