minor problem with linux blender

(Jolly Gnome) #1

every time (not counting the first) I want to render the picture, I have to modify the image’s size. Fe. if I rendered an 640 x 480 image, the next time I render it, it can’t be the same size, or it won’t render (at least, it won’t show the render window). It doesn’t matter how much I change the size, as long as it’s not exactly the same…
Anyone else having this problem? And how can it be repaired?

(kerosene) #2

try pressing alt+tab to change windows… after the first render there is a renderwindow hiding behind the gui…

i hope that helped :slight_smile:

(Jolly Gnome) #3

Ahh, thanks, that helped :slight_smile:

(z3r0 d) #4

if you run blender in windowed mode you will not have this problem… I believe it is

blender -w
(lowercase w)

try it, may be uppercase but I believe that is fullscreen