Minotaur-class Battlecruiser (Starcraft II)

Yup, a second battlecruiser :slight_smile:
This is the concept art that I’m using. Not really a fan of the current in-game model or the cinematics one :slight_smile:
Started the model ~2 hours ago from the mid section - proportions are giving me a pain as always. Currently it’s about 1/3 finished - the 4 somewhat-skeletal parts need to be customized a bit, the plated part needs some work too (adjustment mostly). Also I gotta add detail to the whole thing but that’ll be later :slight_smile: I think I’ll do the hammerhead next.
Here’s the model itself:

C&C welcome :slight_smile:

Looks good already, are you dong this just from that perspective concept art image?

Yup, that’s the only concept art that I know of that features a battlecruiser looking like this. As for the bottom - I guess I’ll just get creative there :slight_smile: Might take some reference from the cinematics model but most likely I’ll just follow the general design of the ship (this one and the cinematics one don’t mix really well IMO, although there are some obvious similarities).

Finished the middle’s geometry. The rest of the detail - it’s about time I start texturing things well :slight_smile: Otherwise I’ll plan the front now, hopefully will have an outline soon :slight_smile:
Here’s the mid:
C&C welcome :slight_smile:

Started the hammerhead, focused on the sides mostly. Nothing else to say, really :slight_smile:

Another update… been a bit lazy (warsow is kinda addicting :evilgrin: )
Some detail on the front - I guess the hammer is about 50% complete now. Also scaled down the height of the mid a bit.
C&C welcome :wink:

EDIT: The artifacts are due to AO and 2 faces being in the same space - I’ll fix that later, no need to worry about it anyways (won’t be seen).

Lookin good!

Yeah this is coming out really nicely

Wow I love the detail in this! Can’t wait to see this finished!

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

The hammerhead’s proportions are FUBAR it seems. If you compare my version with the concept art you’ll spot the differences easily :slight_smile: Should finally learn to make blueprints first… Anyways for me it looks good enough so I won’t be scrapping it :smiley:
The hammerhead is almost finished. What’s left is parts of the underside, the yamato cannon and the backside, but I think I can do those faster - not bound by the concept there, plus I guess I’ll just put the docking bays there just like the old one :slight_smile:
Other than that - some tweaks/details and that should be about it for the front.
Here’s the pic:

C&C welcome :slight_smile:

nice work! incredibly detailed! sure kicks the old one…:wink:
hows starcraft 2? i havent bought it yet…

Well… I want my 60 bucks back :slight_smile:
I mean… It’s most likely just me but I don’t like the artstyle and the story(totally hate it)… and I -detest- the sound. As for the gameplay - I’ll wait a bit longer till I form a solid opinion, however M/M/M balls(esp. marauders)/roaches/banelings/EMP/Immortals(e.g. hard counters)/Thors aren’t exactly fun for me.

As for the old BC - I’ll most likely revisit it again. I deff. think it can be improved, especially in the textures/lights departments :slight_smile:

BTW, nice nick :smiley:

This looks great!

Uhh… I got nothing. Very nice modeling!

Update, sort of:
Did the cannon which at the moment seems a bit too simple - guess I’ll think of some matching greebles :slight_smile: Otherwise played around with materials and lighting (angmap + reflections and sky texture AO) - I think this setup looks a bit better than the last one, although the rendering time is a “bit” slower :slight_smile:
Otherwise making plans for the underside.

Here’s the pic:

Yep i think the colors look much better. Also add some blue on the middle part…ummm…here take a look at the concept again…i circled ares of blue with red…yeah…

Also add a glow effect to the blue stuff, here is a tutorial i made on a way to achieve it: http://vimeo.com/13322805, but use this way to combine the glow with the rest of the scene: http://vimeo.com/13508778

Back to the color, i think if you mix up the gray a bit, meaning make some parts dark gray others light gray…it would look much more appealing too.


I actually added a glow effect, however it’s kind-of simple and… unnotice-able :slight_smile:
I’ll take a look at your tutorials, that’s for sure :slight_smile: At the very least I need to get better with the compositor :smiley:
As for the colors and all that - the ones that you pointed out will be added via textures after I finish the modelling. I’m using the current material as a clay material - nothing more. I just think it looks a bit better :slight_smile:

Ah, ok i just thought you where already moving into texturing the thing. :slight_smile:

Nah, I was just bored :slight_smile:
3.5hrs worth of sleep are no good for concentration :smiley:

Model looks fantastic!
I disagree though. SC2 is very pretty. Like the gameplay too.