Mirror a mesh


Im working on a buggy body. The problem is that I need a whole mesh UV for texturing. I made a plane mesh that I extruded and scaled to make thickness (had problems to use solidify. It was giving me zero thickness in some areas) Now I am stucked because I dont know how to mirror it and have it as the same mesh. Extrude now dont work probably as its not a plane anymore. Anyone can suggest me a way to get the best result? Im adding a photo of that model. Seam path is the axis of mirror.

Btw: As you can see on image there are some dotted lines (mesh of some unknown cube) in the body model. Whats that?

Thank you


I don’t know what those lines are, but if you deselect everything, and then in edge select mode put your mouse cursor over it, and hit “L” That will select it, then you can delete it.

For your main problem, it’s really simple. First make sure that your mesh is on one side of the X axis, and that the center of the object is at the origin. Then in the modifiers menu, select mirror. I find it easier to work in this mode because I get to see both sides being updated at once.

I changed the way to done this. I will extrude it before thicking it. I know about mirror modifier but I am having problems with mesh if I subsurf it. Anyway. I would like to align view to a face. I found out that its possible with * (maybe in 2007 blender version). How it works now please? And if I want to measure between 2 points? I could do it in blender 2.56 but cant remember how. Thank you