Mirror Dropping an Edge Loop?


Is it possible to actively mirror across geometry changes? I would like to drop an edge loop on one side of a symetrical piece of geometry and have one drop on the other side as well.

Thank you, appreciate the advice!

Hey Joshua,

You mean the mirror modifier?

Anything I change here on the left, will be copied on the right.

Hi @H-S, I am not. Thanks for asking, I was more curious if you could mirror geometry changes after you have mirror. So my geo would be symmetrical, and if I inserted an edge loop on one side the other side would also take a loop.

Thank you for replying though.

It’s not clear what you mean, “after you have mirror”? After you applied the mirror modifier?


you could use the symmetrize operator, but that would destroy any existing feature that’s intentionally dissymetrical (obviously), as well as shapekeys. Most operators don’t support symmetry unfortunately… loopcut is one of them.
Best you can do is have your model set in stone before applying the mirror modifier and making dissymetrical changes.

Sorry for the confusion, the best way I can think to describe it is to be able to deform my geometry like I would in Zbrush symmetrically. Add or remove geo at will symmetrically. I don’t feel like blender supports symmetrical editing to that extent though.


On the top toolbar in 3D view, there is on the right, above the viewport sphere, X, Y and Z button. They activate symmetry. There is an option for topology too.

Thanks for pointing this out, I’m sure it will come in handy.