Mirror duplicate problem seems to be back in 2.37

When I duplicate then mirror an object, it seems to invert the normals just like it did a while back. It was fixed at one point but it’s gone back again. I’m using the Mac version 2.37 under 10.4.1.

It works fine for me…

It has always inverted the normals, the thing that was fixed was that it drew black in shaded mode, which is still fixed for me (2.37, XP).

Not for me. In 2.36 Mac version, when you duplicate and mirror, the normals went the right way round.

I thought the black was just to do with flipped normals:


It isn’t black though, just darker because it’s the back side. Anyway, like I said it worked fine in 2.36:


Both of those show a cube cut in half and the right side is a mirrored duplicate of the left. 2.37 inverts the normals, 2.36 didn’t.