Mirror Modifier - Huge Gap!

Hello, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section, wasn’t particularly sure in where to post this.

I am creating a human head mesh and using the mirror modifier. When I use the mirror modifier it has a huge gap. See image below:

Does anyone know how to resolve this?
I can not continue with this until I can get the mirror perfect.

Thanks in advance for those who reply.
Danny. :eyebrowlift:

This is because your object gets mirrored around the center of the object (that small orange dot you can see between the halves.

How do I fix this?

Position the 3d curser where you want the origin the be. In your image above it looks correct, then Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C / origin to curser. Or in edit mode select all the vertices and drag them all to the left. Ensure you have ‘Do clipping’ selected in the mirror modifier settings.

Thanks very much, this worked perfectly! :slight_smile:

It has done it again, when I do the ctrl + shift + alt + c and click the origin to 3d cursor again it makes it go back to, like what it is in the image in my first post.

But at the moment, it looks like this:

It did work, then I added ‘smooth’ to it then it did that /\ :frowning:

Any suggestions?, Danny.

you didnt bring the half close enough to the center. in order for the mirror modifier not to leave a gap, all the vertices that you want joined must be on the center line.

imagine a looking down a mirrored surface lengthwise, objects that are separated from the surface are mirrored to appear to be two separate objects. Whereas abjects that cross or intersect the surface appear to be a single object.

thats how the mirror modifier works.

So how do I go about fixing this without having to start again?
I tried scaling and extruding it but it doesn’t work.


The easy (but imperfect) fix:

  • Move the 3D cursor to your object’s origin (Object mode, select mesh, Shift+S->Cursor to Selected)
  • Select the center line of vertices (Edit mode, select vertices - border select tends to work well for this)
  • Set the 3D cursor as your pivot (period [.] key)
  • Scale the selected vertices along the x-axis to zero (S->X->0)
  • All of the selected vertices should now be lined up along the center of your mesh

the position (X) of the verts closer to the center must be exactly 0. Otherwise the mirror modifier will do exactly what you see.

select the vertices, press “s”, then “x”, then “0”, and Enter. You will have your verts aligned along the X axis. (But not necesarely in the 0 position) then open the panel at your right (there’s a small + sign in the up-right corner) and enter 0 in the X field (coords).

you can also grab all the verts and slide them along x till they merge. or you can increase the tolerence to merging of verts untill they merge for you.

Ahh done it :slight_smile:
Being as soon as the two vertices touch each other they attach themselves; I done it to the ones that were not connected. Therefore connecting them, then I could remodel to make it look normal.

Thanks guys!