Mirror modifier (seems) to destroy meshes in 2.66a


I’ve stumbled upon a weird problem in blender 2.66a with the mirror modifier. From the two screenshots you can see the modifier is not mirroring properly along the Z-axis (some details highlighted) and the worst is when I’m applying the modifier it destroys my original mesh (second screenshot).

Did any of you experienced something like that? Did I do any mistake while modeling and can you think of any?

Details: I set the modifier to mirror along Z with the options merge, clipping and vertex groups (though I’ve not yet used them). The merge limit is set to 1 mm. The object have scale applied, is smooth shaded with re-calculated normals facing outside and there’re should be no n-gons (I ran meshlint) and there’re any other modifier working.

I know there’s an a in 2.66, but I gave it a try anyway, because sticking to most basic functions should not be a head ache.
At least this was what I thought.

Thanks for any feedback on that.


Attach or post a link to your blend file. I don’t see anything particularly wrong. Note the top image is in Edit mode and the bottom in Object mode. Edit mode shows all edges, Object mode only shows all edges if you specify it to by selecting ‘Draw All Edges’ tickbox in Object / Display panel of the Properties Window.

You say its destroyed your mesh, have you looked at it in solid view rather than wireframe mode so you can see the real mesh.

I’ll be damned. I didn’t consider that it could display differently while I’ve been arranging the objects.
I just saw the difference in wireframe mode. But now when I’m changing to edit mode the error vanishes.
Well… thank you Richard.