mirror paint

hi, i try to find a mirror tool in texture mode to paint a character(in particualr i have a character with a lot of equal arms and those arms must have the same diffuse color)

i don’t think it’s implemented (or i can’t find it)

Strange, since weight-paint does have it.

and after… my character has the arms detatch from the body(the arms are flyng) and i have difficuty to paint. in edit mode i can select with L all the vertices in a island and hide it but when i try to do the same thing in texture paint mode i cant’ hide part of mesh. insn’ possible?

it’s a matter of adjusting the uv layout. in the uv editor grab the center vertices of your unwrapped model, scale them along the x.axis to zero, pin them, unwrap again. then position the cursor at exatly that center linie you just created, grab the right part of your uv layout and scale along the x-axis -1. now your painting should get perfectly mirrored. sounds complicated but really isn’t.

The mirror command also works. Another approach is to simply lay out your UV map before your mirror the model, or if for instance you have the mirror modifier on, simply apply and you’ll have the 2 Halves of the UV map overlaid in the same place.

And finally another approach is to make sure you have your UV layout mirrored over the center line of the UV space. You can do this by switching to 2D cursor and N to open the numeric panel and set the 2D cursor at the center of the UV space. Do a UV layout of half of the model, then duplicate and mirror the model. Select half of the model and mirror half of the UV to the other side of the UV space. You would now have a perfectly symmetrical UV. When you are done painting one half of the model, go into a paint program and copy and flip the map so it is mirrored around the same center line as the UV space. Now you can make other maps and have the choice to paint other things on the model that are not symmetrical such as tattoos, or scars and so on. This technique works well for objects like cars or airplanes that have decals which need to be be placed differently on each side, yet the paint job such as stripes and so on are all symmetrical.