mirror rudder trunk system

I am making a rudder system .
How can I duplicate and mirror the rudder system I modelled to the left .


place your 3D cursor at the point around which you want the object to mirror. Make sure you have your pivot point set to 3D cursor instead of median point. Select all the objects, press Shift-D and enter to duplicate them. Press ctrl-M (mirror), then press X and enter. This should mirror all the duplicate objects on the X axis around your 3D cursor.

You might want to use ALT+D to get linked duplicates. I’m not sure how this will affect animation (keyframes) though.

You can also Duplicate them and scale them on the negative axis of your choice. an example of that would be press s for scales, then x to constrain to the x axis then -1.

Both work, I am not sure if their is a benefit of one of other other, but it is good to know many ways of doing something.

Tried the first option does not look good .
Later this must be animated.


the blend file I made so far.

This is how it looks now the rudders on the right must must be duplicate and mirrored to the left. I am working in the maritime industry.


Apply scale and rotation to all the objects before your mirror. To do so select the objects and press Ctrl-A.

Yes thanks
looking good I think.