mirror simple setting maybe?

I’ve been trying to create a simple mirror from a plane that reflects realistically. i’d assume it’s fairly simple but although i’ve managed to make the texture/colors look pretty ok, the reflection is not as strong as i’d want. i’ve played around with the settings but can’t make it to work perfectly. Just to be clear, I’d like to have a perfect reflection, as in real mirror. What I’m getting now is a reflection that is somewhat faded and un-clear. See attached screenshots for reference and settings i’m using.
so if you can help that’s be wonderful.
thans a lot.

You seem to have missed off the most important material settings from your screenshot, the mirror settings.
With a refectivity of 1 you gett 100% reflectivity, the the attached image. With the other mirror settings you can control the glossiness and fade off of the reflection.


Oh Hi, Thanks for the reply,
here are the screen shots of the rest of the settings. I think they didn’t get attached as I’m allowed only 3 per post:

also here a reference of the type of “realistic mirroring” i want to achieve.