Mirror texture not working right

See blender file and/or image. My text is mirroring something, but the mirror material is black, when it’s supposed to be silver/almost white. The color settings do nothing. I’m wanting to use an image for the environmental texture for the world, and I want my text to reflect that, but I really have no idea if it’s even doing that, as it’s completely black material. Any ideas? Thanks


The Mirror.blend (502 KB)

For the text material you’ve only got one imput going into the Mix Shader

Yeah, I unplugged it when I was trying to figure things out. Plugging it in makes no difference in whether or not the text is white/gray.

You need to reduse the Glossy shader roughness and give it a higher factor in the mix shader so it actually is able to mirror something. Currently you have a very diffuse material with a very soft glossiness so you won’t see reflections.

Also next time include any textures in your blend file. You didn’t bother to include your environment texture in this case.

Changing the roughness does nothing. Roughness has little to no impact on the lightness of a material. I can change it to zero, and it’s still black. I can change the roughness of a white, glossy object to 100, and it’s still white. As I said, it’s reflecting, but the material is super dark.

And the environmental texture is irrelevant to whether or not this material is black. It should be lighter regardless of the environmental background, seeing as how I have it next to a white surface.

get rid of the mix shader, completely until you get reflection from your material. Set up just a gloss shader into your material output. Once you have your reflections working, then add your mix shader and use a second gloss shader instead of diffuse - and I suggest using a layer weight node to push the second gloss to your face view - well, depends on if you decide to go with one being extremely mirror like and the other just for highlights.

You’re the man, Craig. Thanks! (and thanks to the rest of you for trying)