Mirror Tool in blender 2.5

Is there an actual Mirror tool in blender 2.5 similar to the mirror tool in 3ds Max, or are we still stuck with duplicating it, then scaling it in the negative axis?

First: Post questions like this in the support forum.
Second: How does this mirror tool work? You cannot asume that everyone used 3ds Max before.

Are you sure what you want is not in the item near the bottom of the edit menu labeled “Mirror”?

Dude, there’s a mirror modifier in blender.

First column, Eight row.

That’s totally not what he means. In 3dsmax the “mirror modifier” is called “symmetry”.

The correct answer is - press Ctrl+M. You can tell it which axis you want to mirror on by pressing X/Y/Z, or you can hold down the middle mouse button, point to the axis you want and the press left mouse button to confirm.

Thank you Pesho, that is what I was looking for.