Mirror Tool in Blender cuts items in half. Literally.

So I Loop cut like the video tutorials say to do on an object. Then use the Mirror tool. My problem is that there is an empty line between the cut, and the mirrored image that doesn’t show up on the tutorials I see, and I don’t know how to fix it. I can’t seem to see any google links or youtube videos addressing that problem.

There’s the head I’m working on (learning my way around Blender, and following Tutorials so I can get a grasp on the system. But that one little hurdle keeps popping up.)

You need to activate ‘clipping’ and ‘merge’ in the mirror modifier. This means that the vertices will create a single object. It looks like your mesh is offset, so ensure it is correctly on the axis.
If this doesn’t work, create an empty at one of the vertices on the mirror line, and use it as the target of the morror modifier.

That’s the thing. All three options are Selected.

That’s what my mirror tool modifier looks like [it’s in default, but Merge, Clipping, and Vert. are selected, and it’s on the X axis.

As for it being off center, that’s because I moved it away from the center line, if you look at it now, that line is still there. I simply moved it to show the black background for the shot. Anywho, it makes no sense. I have all the options I’m shown to use in the tut vids, and noone ever is shown running into this problem.

Your cut was not along the centre axis of the object.
Option 1 - increase the merge distance
Option 2 -With clipping enabled select the ‘centre’ vertices and move them to towards the object centre until the two sides touch

Thanks. Both of those worked.

Question though. When Cutting, I put the loop cut where the purple line is in the middle. I though that was the centre axis? But none the less, I now know what to do when I run into that problem again and continue learning the various tutorials. Thank you ^_^.

By default the mirror modifier used the location of the object origin as the location of the mirror plane. If the origin is not in the centre of the object (you have moved the mesh in edit mode or repositioned the origin) you may either see a gap or overlapping faces along the centre line. In the mirror modifier you can also select another object in the scene to be the location of the mirror plane

Same happened to me after pressing ctrl+j. Any ideas how to fix this? It’s like cutting symmetrical right half part of the mesh and like not opening mirror modifier I mean disabling it even if it’s visible.

Is your origin in the align with the half or does it stick out a little?