Mirrored half comes in at angle


When I try to mirror an object (here a cylinder), the mirrored half comes in at an angle.

  1. Created the cylinder with 10 sides.

  2. Rotated it so end verts were vertical. (white line)

  3. Mirrored it. (yellow line)

What causes this and how do you fix it.


Try selecting do clipping in the mirror modifier. Or just try rotating it around, it doesn’t really look like you have it applied unless you made both sides editable. Maybe upload the .blend file?

the only way I can reproduce your result, is by rotating the half to be mirror before mirroring (M,X) it; and/or using a misplaced pivot centre. Alternatively, to use a misplaced object as mirror object. As far as I know, it is not possible to achieve your result using the cardinal coordinate axes as mirroring directions.

/ Mats

Note: Judging from your screen shot above, you are not using a mirror modifier. What to use is of course depending on what you want to achieve, by in most cases a mirror modifier is what you use for symmetric objects.

Mats, Dudebot13,

I rotated the object before mirroring because it did not line up vertically.

The angle on the mirrored half is set to the way the cylinder came up onto the screen before mirroring.

The pivot center did not move.

You likely rotated the object in object mode, changing its local coordinate axes. Select the object and hit ctrl-a to fix this.


That was the problem. If I didn’t take so long in between projects, I wouldn’t forget half the stuff that I knew, or something like that.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time guys. I appreciate it!