Mirrored texture query

Hi guys!

Having a bit of a thick moment here, I’ve got this mesh which is mirrored on the X axys and UV’d as needed…all is fine and dandy!

Now the problem I’m facing is that the texture with the text is flipped inside out on the mirroed side of the mesh. I must have overlooked a tick box or something today, but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure it out. Triple checked which way the normals are facing and they are pointing in the right direction.

Note that I don’t wish to apply the mirror modifier as the total verts/faces/tris count in the final mesh is quite high and I don’t want to start applying willy nilly the mirror modifier on all the mesh just to solve a minor texture problem. There must be a way to fix this…Help!!! :confused:

Have you tried the Textures U / V options in the mirror modifier

Have you tried checking the “Textures” box[es] on the Mirror Modifier options? You can use those to flip around the texture until you get something that works. Most of the time, anyway.

EDIT: Looks like Richard beat me to it.

Hi guys thanks for the prompt reply, but saddly yes I’ve tried checking the U and V separately and both at the same time to no avail :frowning:

I’ve also applied Loc/Rot/Scale to the mesh seeing if this helped with the UV on the mirror mod but nothing…will keep trying to figure it out after lunch.

Ohh well :frowning: couldn’t find the solution so ended up applying the mirror mod and thus fixing the issue, will invastigate at another time how or why it was happening.
Thanks for your help @Richard Marklew and @benu sorry it didn’t help the cause.

I figured out a way, actually: Object Coordinates! Basically, you apply your texture TWICE, each one being positioned by its own external object (in this example, two empties). An important key to this is you have to add a “Mapping” node to each coordinate input and check the “Min” and “Max” boxes. This keeps the image from tiling:

The one catch here is that it may be tricky on a curved surface – the flat projection could cause some distortion that you’d need to figure a way to work around. But once your empties are placed and parented to your object, those textures should stick, and you can scale / rotate / flip the empties until your textures look correct.

Example blend: texturingMirroredMeshes.blend (552 KB)