Mirrored UV's for low poly model

For most of the low poly models I have created, I often mirror the UVs to get more texture space. My problem is that the mirroring is almost entirely done by hand, which ends up being a long, tedious and often inaccurate process.

I am wondering if anybody has some work flow suggestions when it comes to UVing a low poly model for a game, especially when it comes to mirroring UVs to safe texture space.

General tips are also very welcome. :yes:

usually this works (if i understood your problem):

  • create the first half of the model
  • unwrap it and finish everything
  • copy the mesh/object and mirror it
    -if you copied the object, just combine it with crtl+j

for me, this works

Is there a reason why the Mirror (M button) option in the UV window does not work for your UV map? I don’t know much about UV mapping, but it seem simply enough to Box select half of the UVs and then M to mirror them on the X or Y axis.

Jothmon, that is a good idea! I have just taken it a step further, I used a Mirror modifier, to see the complete model at all times, than applied the modifier once I was finished UV’ing.

DichotomyMatt, that does work perfectly fine when mirroring UVs, you are right. However, for my realtime character, I want to conserve texture space, and overlay the mirrored UVs on top of each other. Once overlayed, the UVs from each island (?) must fit perfectly otherwise texturing problems will come up later.

What I was doing is selecting all the face, say for the front torso of a character, using project from view and then selecting only half of those faces and using M to mirror them. I did have to move the mirror faces over on the X axis to align them with the others. But, hey if the mirror modifier saves you time, go for it.