Mirroring - Edit vs Object Mode (sorry other thread marked already solved)

Hey everybody,

I am doing the Manga Girl tutorial by Karan Shah (http://cg.tutsplus.com/tutorials/ble…blender-day-1/)

I’m a newby but this was written for Blender 2.46 and I’m using 2.62. It says in a day but I’ve been going at if for 2 hours and just now trying to mirror the cylinder for the left calf.

Except I can’t make it work. The ‘origin’ at which the cylinder was created is still in the right place (about the belly button) but Mirror on x-axis in edit mode isn’t mirroring anything. I can move the cylinder but it’s not actually mirroring it when I finish.

I thought this was supposed to mirror on the x-axis (global) according to the origin.

When I do Mirror X Global in ‘Object’ mode the cylinder moves from the left leg to the right leg but when I try in in ‘Edit’ mode nothing happens.

I’m on the first part: 1. The Body

Please see this thread:


OK, thanks everyone.

My problem was there are in 2.6.2 a ‘mirror’ listed under the ‘Object’ menu and a ‘mirror’ listed under the ‘Edit’ meny and also on the far right at the top:

If I select the ‘Cylinder’ and then select the Wrench on the Icon menu underneath that it brings up ‘Add Modifier’ from with I can select ‘Mirror’ also.

The last one is the one I want (and looks to be the same thing the tutorial is showing).