Mirroring wave texture

Hi. I want to make a simple arrow strip via shader nodes.

I am using the wave texture to create the bands, but I am unsure how to manipulate it to mirror the pattern on the center axis when rotating the z-axis within the mapping node.

Thank you

I got a bit carried away but have set many options to change from sawtooth to Sine Wave…sharp to blurred and several more…

Diagonal-Mirror-Wave.blend (870.1 KB)

play with them…and
Happy Blending!

EDIT… I might have left a floating Math Node in there, not connected to anything…just delete it!


Thank you so much, I often use arrows for our infographic, and this will be, for sure, a time saver. Thank you

Hi! I have been using your material, and I enjoyed it. I wanted to ask if there are options to use UV-mapped meshes to get the same results.

Thank you

Sure, But you will need to tweak the settings to use UV coordinates, and it might not work on some objects ( like when the parts are all rotated to different directions)

That is why it is best using object coordinates…

I might be a bit lost:

The small tube (mapped as I wanted) is UV-mapped with your settings, and I just realized my question was inaccurate. I am not sure if curves work with UV coordinates. I am trying to get procedural arrows, as in the short mesh pipe, but with curves. Your UV setting worked well with the mesh UV pipe but not with curves. Do you know if curves map through “generated” or UV?

Thank you

Just wonder why this way the textures dont meet correctly, must be precision errors!?

curves_proc_texture.blend (911.5 KB)

Thank you for sharing, this looks promising. Maybe adding more quality to the curve will fix the texture. I experienced some improvements when adding subdivs.

Thank you again

Yes, higher resolution makes a difference…and you can use the Phase Offset to adjust the ends to meet up…

I marked a few things I changed…

I just scrolled in and saw there is still a bit of error in the junction…I just re-adjusted the Offset…to -0.28 and it now looks about as perfect as you will get…

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Thank you so much for your contribution.

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