Mirrors in BGE

I need a mirror for my bathroom. I know there’s a way, something to do with video textures? I thought I could get away without one, but you can’t really have a bathroom without a mirror, can you?


The video is an old one of mine. You will take a frame rate hit: (but it’s very cool):


3D’s right that the mirror effect will hurt your FPS, but you don’t have to recalculate the mirror effect every frame (it will lag a bit behind the action, but that’s alright if it’s a major FPS boost). In addition, you can control the size of the texture that the effect uses - the smaller the texture, the worse the quality of the mirror, but the better the FPS.

I like what you had to say there, Solar. I knew about the texture size, but not the frame rate calculation. Reflectivity is such a vital aspect to realism, but it’s tough on frame rate in the GE. I may use a mirror in Ayleth. Maybe just a small separate scene, as eye candy. A big mirror leaning against a wall or something (I know, not a lot of giant medieval mirrors…)

Thanks a lot guys. I love mirrors.

So the mirror seems to be cutting off at a certain distance. It just shows blue.

You’ll need to post a blend to get help.

I had that problem it will only display objects of a certain distance, i havn’t figured out a way other than scaling the scene down.

Can’t do that. It’ll mess up my physics and stuff. I had another problem too. The camera seems to be displaying what the mirror is seeing in a separate window.

Do you mean outside of the camera? I’ve noticed that, as well. I guess the BGE’s rendering the texture somewhere before putting it on the mesh, so it does it out of the camera’s view. The portion you see should still be the only portion to show up in a runtime.

A wild idea - Camera clipping? Setting under the mirror camera.