Misc. Icons I made

I didn’t know where to post these since some are 2d and others 3d, so I guess here will do:). First are a couple of standard fare Blender icons. The more official colored one I use for… official releases, the blue (was)for dev releases. Made with Inkscape and Gimp.

My new dev release icon was mostly modeled in Wings, except for using my previous icons as an imported path for curve bevelled logo’s a’lying around. I’m still not satisfied with it, so hopefully I can make it better.

Here are a few of my Wings icons. The first made with Inkscape and Gimp, the second with Wings, Blender, and Gimp, and the third is from a random Google image search(sense of humor may be required).

Here’s a Gimp one courtesy of Inkscape and Photoshop(done for irony’s sake)

Here’s a couple Firefoxes with the head modeled in Wings, imported to Blender, add a touch of particle flames, and finally some color adjust in Gimp. The second is just the foxhead minus the flames around.

For you Mule users(be it A or E or whatever) here are a couple inkscaped/Gimped, and a couple more via imported paths in Blender.

Here are a couple of Python’s from another Google image search and Gimped.

One Inkscaped Foxit.

And finally one I use for FLStudio(copied in Inkscape from a 60’s era box of Fruit Loops picture off of Wikipedia).

The wings icons are totaly priceless!
HA Ha ha ha ha!

that is the funnest thing I have seen all day, thanks :smiley:

Wings 3D- Subsurface modeler, and 20% more absorbent than the nationally advertised brand !

I like your other Icons too, thanks for sharing them with us all :slight_smile:

Man You’ve Done Us a Service by just Showing that!