Misc. Wallpaper and Background Tests

Hey all,

Here I’ll be posting all my random background and wallpaper designs.
Feel free to post your own as well. :slight_smile:
This is simply a testing thread, so I can gain more knowledge on various 2d programs.
Some of these are going to be pretty bad quality unfortunately.:no:

1 - ‘Swirls are beautiful’


look’s nice, i like those black lines… think i’ll post some of my photoshop wallpapers here too…
they are very old, maybe i’ll make some new ones…

Woah, those are awesome. Nice work!

A brand new batch -
2 - ‘Purple Vortex’
3 - ‘Mulit-Coloured Swirl’
4 - ‘Bright Swirl’


looks very fractallish…

Wow, really nice papers. How did you make um? Think you could make 3 - ‘Mulit-Coloured Swirl’ bigger? Like 1680 * 1050? I have it as my wallpaper now, cept’t it’s too small, I don’t want to stretch it or it gets blurry and uncool. I like that one a lot though…