Miskatonic University Library Genealogy Reading Room

Hi all. This is my first post / Blender project.

I took this project as an opportunity to learn blender and substance designer a bit more in depth. Until 2.8 came out I had only “tinkered” around in Blender. The last few versions showed me how powerful it could be so I tried to do almost everything locally in blender (modelling, rendering, composite, etc…).
With the exception of one radial array (which I just quickly did in Modo) everything was done in Blender. I used Substance designer to make procedural wood textures for the floors, stained glass design, upper staircase railing, and sculpted details on the wooden columns.

I had been reading The Dunwich Horror and thought I could make my own version of the Miskatonic University Library (before the “Incident”). I also wanted to keep it Isometric, and pushed for an RPG game feel… Like a game level that you would want to explore and walk around. I rendered a perspective camera for fun, but it was always meant to be finished as Isometric. I am a big fan of the isometric renders of @joseolmedo on these forums, and looking at his work was my main inspiration.
Its not perfect but a great learning experience!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


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Yeah, that’s pretty rad.

Have a heart. You earned it.

That close up shot is killer.

Would love to play a RPG with isometric graphics like this! I’m having a strong Baldur’s Gate nostalgia right now :smiley: Beautiful work!

So you rendered this in substance designer ? Or you made the textures or “images” that are procedural or copied ? And plugged them into nodes in blender ? I looked at substance designer’s website and it did not show anything about working with blender. I see on substance designers website that it uses nodes. Was this rendered in Cycles ?

Did you give Pillars of Eternity a go?

Fantastic Baldur’s Gaty-looking!

I didn’t but heard only good things about it. Would You recommend it?

I’m not Otowa, but I’ll recommend Pillars of Eternity just the same. It’s good stuff.

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You can drop your models into Designer, whip up some textures, then export them back out as images to be used in Blender.

I loved the first one. It’s of a dark tone fantasy and is really the successor of Baldur’s Gate in terms of Gameplay. I recommend it 100%.

The sequel though has quite a lot of problems in terms of rythm (even though it pushes isometric art even further)

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I did! I love both Baldurs Gate and Pillars. You should check out some of the awesome environments from Sean Dunny on Artstation. Its very inspirational!

Hi Brontobyte. Yes, the maps were procedurally generated in Substance Designer, then imported into blender for final rendering. And yes, this is rendered with Cycles in blender 2.81.