Misrendering S shapes imported from SVG

The font (Helvetica Neue) I wanted to use of some text in my scene wasn’t directly compatible with Blender, so I took the text into Illustrator, used Type > Create Outline to convert the text into vector shapes, and saved it as an SVG 1.1 Basic file (w/o Adobe editing support).

This got my text into Blender, but of course it did it as separate objects, so I selected them all and made a parent object to keep my project outline clean.

The Problem:
Although everything looks great in the live view, when I Render Active Scene, I see that in both blocks of text, all of my S’s (or the objects which are based on s at least) are much darker than the rest of the text around it. See examples below.

I have verified that nothing has been done to alter these particular objects (they’re facing the same direction as the rest of the text, they have the same surface properties, lighting and opacity).
I have attempted to re-saving the file using Inkscape. Same result.
I have imported just the S by itself. Same result.

Please help.


Render Issue.blend (1.02 MB)

Attach or link to your blend file.

Update: Attached Blender file to original post.

Thanks Richard,

Sorry for not including it to begin with. Took a bit of time to get it down to a manageable size.

Update: I’ve tested this same process with some other fonts and found that I appear to have equal problems with all weights of Helvetica Neue, as well as Arial. However standard Helvetica’s S’s are fine in all weights (Bold, regular etc).

I am using a Mac, some of the fonts are dfonts, others ttf’s but it doesn’t seem to make a difference in terms of wether they work or not. Hope this helps!

A couple of solutions
1 - Convert the objects to meshes (Alt+C)
2 - Add a Triangulate modifier to the letter S’s (attached image show the result)

I’d also recommend not having such tiny tiny objects, it makes them difficult to move around and run into view clipping problems


Thanks Richard,

Converting curves to meshes as you suggested seems to have sorted it. Any idea what’s going on in there? I’m really new to Blender so the rendering differences between curves and meshes are still non-obvious for me.

As to scale, like I said, still learnin’ here. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: