Misshoni - Pre-alpha Windows / Linux Demo Available


Misshoni will be a short co-op Metroidvania with emphasis on teamwork and getting by with help.

Hey. So, I’ve paused development on Soldier Of to try to make a game in a month, which is this one, Misshoni. It’s kind of a stupid name, but it comes from “Mission”, and “Isshoni”, which means “together” in Japanese. I started Misshoni a few days ago. It probably won’t sell for very much when I’m finished (I’m thinking $2-5). As usual, I’m using the Blender Game Engine for this project.


You will be able to play with a buddy, or go it alone with the CPU controlling P2. While the main gameplay will be the usual combat-oriented Metroidvania, there will be some co-op techniques, like standing on each other to reach higher areas, reviving each other when downed, or pulling each other up ledges. Think something like Cave Story + ICO, but your partner is as capable as you are.

The really tentative plot is that the main characters wake up having been transported to the ruins of a floating city by an unknown force. They have to figure out a way home.


At the end of the month (October), I plan to release it. I might go back to Soldier Of then, unless I’m really close to finishing and monetizing Misshoni. I suppose I’ll also be doing this for Ludum Dare’s October Challenge, which is to get a game finished and monetized by November 1, or something to that effect - the rules are a bit vague. I’m starting to doubt that I’ll get it 100% finished in a month, but I might be able to get it to a release-able level, anyway.

So anyway, LET’S DO THIS!


The pre-alpha demo for Windows and Linux is available now here.

Day #4 (Maybe? I’m not sure, but I’m calling it. Day #4)

So yesterday, I coded in where the weapon should sit in the characters’ hands, which means that I only have to draw one weapon frame for each weapon (hurrah). Also, working on the background (which is obviously still a WIP), and worked on the tiles since the animated GIF above.


I’m building in support for gamepads from the ground up (as I try to do usually), and I have a gamepad (XInput) similar to a 360 controller now. It’s feelin’ pretty nice. :smiley:

Also, I’ve got a track for the game finished. It’s called MisshOn. Get it?! Hahaha… Haa…

Watching this sexy project.

ぼくも、楽しいそう。ミッショウニあそぼ!(me too, sounds fun. Let’s play Misshoni!)

Thanks, guys.

Better tiles, trees, and weapons implemented.



great looking screens solarlune! you really have a very good and workable 2d pixel workflow. i realy like it!
i am lookimg forward for this game. try to send it to the humble bundle when you are done!

Thanks, ndee. It would be cool if Humble Bundle did take it!

- Day 6 -

I’m currently working on the ruins background. This pic’s now a bit old, but the general shape and style is there. I might try to do something with code next.


I’ll desaturate it some more when I’m done.

This is looking awesome! I’ll gladly purchase it when it’s released :slight_smile: I’ll be watching this thread closely

I love your style my friend. All of your games have a particular feel and I love it! Gives them a lot more personality :wink:

This one espeically reminds me of Sonic The Hedgehog for Sega Master System II. Good luck with the project, it seems like a lot to undertake in 30 days haha.

Thanks, guys.

@Lambofreak - It does seem like that now, heh. It seemed smaller before.

The background ruins are still a WIP, but:

Don’t fall.


Also, I drew this guy a couple of days ago:


Sugoi! Isshoni ikou! Fatastic!
Your projects are looking better and better! Great idea of a coop ,I love this kind of game!
I’m a bit confsed wit the scenario. I seem to see high tech civilisation ruins on te back, and ancient greek like ruins on the foreground! I’m under the impression tha tey don’t merge!
Great project, looking forward to play it.

Looks pretty neat, good luck with the competition (and sales)!

wow !!! awesome work :smiley: as usual hehe
keep it coming dude ^^

Thanks, guys.

Here’s the current state of the GUI for Misshoni. I still need to get the HP bar and ammo ticker functional, but I like it compared to the usual style of GUI indicators for 2D / pixel games.



This is a Slice. They ram toward you when you approach them. I still have some things to do to make them really ‘shine’, though. The character’s kind of based off of one I drew years and years ago that was basically just a trapezoid with an outline.

this looks so professional solar, it’s awesome :slight_smile:

only thing i would change is the size of the sun. IMHO i think its way too big lol.

Great progress so far! I agree about the sun being too large, maybe if you make it smaller but more blinding so the sun has a smoother transition?

Looking awesome, keep it up!

@triistate / Excalaberr - Thanks. The sun’s now smaller, and the shine is brighter.

@torakunsama - Sorry about not answering your point, but I kind of see what you’re saying. I’ll add some tech stuff to the foreground.

Welp, today was pretty productive. I did some stuff. I implemented recoil into the weapons yesterday, and messed around with that, trying to do a ‘wave-dash’ kind of technique.


It’s kind of difficult to pull off, unfortunately. I probably need to work on my ‘ground touching’ physics a bit.

I also almost finished the Slice enemy. He does almost everything, except that he won’t use only smoke particles (and there’s kind of a lot of them), and he doesn’t hurt the player yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, I sprited this guy.


I have a pretty good idea of what he’ll do. Do you?

This looks really good!
It looked pretty cool to begin with :slight_smile:

That sprite will kick-ass?

Bad pun aside it’s a boot right? With eyes?