Missile Launch

Here’s a recent scene done in Blender Cycles using the fire & smoke sim. Completely done inside of Blender.

actually looks surprisingly good!

Thanks! Think the smoke trail needs to be a bit longer though.

Nice. But the smoke at the rear fades too quickly. Needs to stay around for longer.

That looks sweet, although the super-wide-angle-camera is making me feel seasick. Something you need to watch in Oculus Rift or something. :slight_smile:

One thing I would say is really important is the method of how this would be shot in real life. Just think about it for a second.

How would an object be getting the motion that you have it getting so high off the ground? I would expect that this sort of footage would probably be taken from a small jet or something near by, but still fairly far away. Therefore, it would be shot on a really long lens. The motion probably wouldn’t be as wobbly.

I might be a bit wrong, and that might not be the type of shot that you want, but just keep what I’m saying in mind. If you want it to look realistic, it needs to be grounded in reality, and possible in reality.

Now, about your trailing effects,

Your smoke should probably be a bit less dense (although still dense), and it shouldn’t fade off anywhere nearly as quickly. Your fire also shouldn’t look like lazers.

I have to say though, everything else really impressed me. The camera motion, lens distortion, and the trailing effect are the only things that really broke it for me.

The animation and stuff looks realy good but the particles look quite fake. Maybe you can follow the sparkle tutorial from Andrew price, maybe it works with your shot :wink: