MIssile Ordinance

As you might know, I am currently working on a game right now, and so far, it has turned out fine. The situation right now is that I am trying to make the game a little more lively or “realistic”, by adding some features to the jet game, such as weather condition, etc. The problem right now is that I am trying to have a missile ordinance hang from the wing, and also have that same missile launch, and then have another missile replacing, or “regenerating” at the same place were the missile was. How would I accomplish this?


You can make an empty that spawns the object. But I don’t know too much about the game engine, last time I used it was back in 2.48.

I’m to lazy to explain everything so maybe you can just give me the file and i can make the necessary adjustments…:smiley:

Well actually i had everything typed out, but i accidently hit backspace which is hotkeyed to go back one page on my browser and lost everything so yeah. I really don’t feel like typing out again:no:

Hilarious, and I guess you couldn’t save it either.:confused: OH well.:cool:

have an empty spawn the missile, then the fire key starts it moving.