Missile Silo Environmet [PAID]

I’m looking for a 3d generalist to model a Missile Silo Environment. Some assets are already produced and should be used as model reference. Further visual reference will also be provided to selected artists. Both architectural and medium/small sized props are to be produced in this project. Models should be of realistic style in the low to mid poly range (these are base game assets, no high poly object unless needed to bake into textures).

Models (assets) should have the follow specifications:

  • Modeled in Blender or delivered/converted in to a .blend file;
  • Original model or based on a CC0 model (must provide source);
  • Mostly quad-based topology;
  • Properly unwrapped;
  • Lightmap unwrapping in 2nd UV channel;
  • Pivot point positioned for easy placement;
  • Metallic/Roughness workflow. Textures provided should be base color, metallic, roughness and normal map (Direct X). Additionally, opacity or emission maps for specific objects.
  • Original textures must be delivered in Substance Painter; non-original textures must be CC0 (must provide source);
  • Follow the provided reference for each pack. Perfect geometrical fidelity is NOT needed, just the general look and style;
  • Approximate texel density for textures should follow provided specifications for each group of 3d elements;
  • Must follow naming specification for all files (to be provided);
  • There are several individual packs (of similar items) which can be awarded to different artists but preferably will be awarded to one.
  • Further information and detail will be provided to selected artist or here when appropriate.

There is not a fixed timetable for final product delivery but for each pack the artist must provide her/his own expected finishing date (when further details are provided, just for selected artists). All payments must be through Paypal, no exceptions.

Those interested should leave email for more information and include a link to your portfolio. Preferred artists will have a portfolio in the general theme of this job.

Final selection for the job ends in May 30th, 2019.

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Hello. PM Sent, thanks.

Hello. PM Sent, thanks.


here is my artstation https://www.artstation.com/callof_zon

is this request filled ?

How much is it paid?

Artstation link :- https://www.artstation.com/ratulblender/albums/1599662

[email protected]