Missing Button

I’m a Blender newbie. I’ve been trying to follow some tutorials and all of them seems to have this SubSurf Button.
That button is missing on my Mesh panel. What should I do to insert it there?

Thanks for the help.

It’s there you just have to find it. Add an object then go to the edit panel click on add modifier and select subsurf. And welcome to elysiun!

Just to clarify - The new version of Blender (2.40) has moved a bunch of Mesh Modfication functions into one common area called the “Modifier Stack”. So called because you can stack up modifications on top of each other and BLender works them each out in turn from the top down.

Subsurface is one of these!

This question seems to come up often, I just answered it this morning.

This really needs to be made a sticky, perhaps with the topic in ALL CAPS :slight_smile: Whom do we petition about this? Would it even help?

I wonder how many newbies will realize they should look in the Solutions to Common Problems sticky. It took me about 3 months to even notice it.

I have made such a thread:

but no one has stickied it yet.

EDIT: and the count is 3 in the past 12 hours.