Missing copy_reg module.

Hello I have a script that worked in 2.36 but dose not

work in blender2.41alpha1
I believe I have found the problem.
My question is.The copy_reg module.
Included with blender2.41alpha1.
Or will it be added later?
And if not.Do I have to have or require others to have
a full python configuration?
To play my games.

Thank you for your time.
Best Regards blacpawe.

Well first of all is it a coding for the game engine or like a toon shader for the render engine ?

But if its for the game engine I downlaoded 2.40 and the other ones too and for me some script’s won’t run I believe they still have to fix up the game engine unless they did already and I dont know about it :wink: but anyhows maby thats what’s going on. :wink:

And Remeber :


Hi Death first thanks for your reply.
The copy_reg module.Is a module in python.
Some module are builtin in the blender exe.

It is my guess that version 2.36 had the copy_reg module. added and
In version. 2.40. it was not added yet.