Missing "File" and "Add" buttons... (2.68a and 2.69)

I was messing about a bit in Blender 2.68a last night, and went to add a mesh and noticed the File and Add buttons were not up top on the left as they usually are. I searched and clicked about to see if something had “hidden” or moved them but couldn`t locate them at all…

It was late and I intended to install 2.69 so I just closed Blender down.

Today I installed 2.69… the strange thing is though that when I open my Porsche blend file, the File and Add buttons are there but when I open another of my blend files its the same as it was in 2.68a... theres no File or Add buttons up top left.


Has anybody come across this before? Is it a known bug or the like? Strange how the buttons seem to be there for one blend file but not the other…

I`d appreciate any info/help.


Ensure you have set the top frame to an ‘Info’ pane (i)

Reset with File / Load Factory Settings

When opening the problem file untick the ‘Load UI’ option in the blender file browser so you don’t load the problem screen layout

If the top header doesn’t show the usual things, change the editor type to ‘info’.

If it has a small + sign near the menus, click it open

Thanks guys. Seems like it wasnt on Info (I) as when I changed it to that it seems to be back to normal (or what Im used to)

Cheers again. :slight_smile: