Missing files in Blender Basic pkg

I have noticed in tutorials and support responses to questions concerning Blender folders state that there is a .blender folder, within it a scripts folder and a folder for the Python files (.py). I’ve seen references to the following file path:
C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender…
Sometimes, what follows the “.blender]” is another folder, like “scripts”.

My version of Blender (2.45 for Windows, 32 bit) did not seem to include the .blender folder, thus nothing within the .blender folder. It contains the Blender folder within the Blender Foundation folder. What’s in the Blender folder are various files, but no folders.

Now, I wonder, is the download link for the 11MB Blender Zip Archives not what I assumed (Another packaged version of the same program - Blender3D)? Is it something I also needed to download? (I downloaded the 8MB Installer next to the Blender Zip Archives download link.)

If all I am missing are a few files that I can create the old fashioned new-file making way, then this is no issue with me. I just want to know if I needed to download something else to make my basic Blender program complete before I start adding more things to it.

Also, I don’t see a .blend file with that shiny orange and white 2d button of the .blend stuff I already created. (Thanks to the blender - wiki make person, hate and landscape tutorial). Other .blend files, yes. My own? No.

Thanks in advance to anyone that clarifies this matter for me.

The files you download from blender.org are complete. Maybe (I really don’t know, new tried it) the location of .blender folder depends on what option you select during installation about storing user data. It might be hidden somewhere in Documents and Settings directory. Have you tried the windows search function?

I’m not sure, but I think that the Blender Installer does not include any scripts or plugins. If you want them, get the zip (this is the same as the installer but includes more stuff). Before you do that you may want to check the C:/Documents and Settings/You/Local Settings/Application Data, or C:/Documents and Settings/Application/Data for it.

I download installers first, and the scripts are there, as well as some not compiled plugins.

It was the installer for Windows version that I downloaded. I was confused about whether I should also download the zipped file(s) next to that link. I have not tried to search my computer for those files. I don’t recall if I chose a different type of option, other than to have Blender installed in my Program Files folder. I’ll do some hunting for any missing files. Perhaps, I might find them elsewhere, because I did not find in the Blender Foundation\Blender folder what I have created already after naming and saving them in the default file path.

I appreciate the kind assistance. Thanks.

I will be in application data directory. There are three possibilities:

  1. where blender is installed
  2. somewhere in Documents and Settings
  3. depending on the system variable (don’t know where ,if it doesn’t exist)

Just search the Documents and Settings for “.blender” it will be somewhere.

In Documents and Settings I found them. I’m satisfied, but feeling foolish when I could have clued myself in by taking a closer look at the file path when I saved my first file.

Thank you all.

No problem.

Now, you might want to create a special folder for you blends, easily accessible and regularly backed up.