missing lamp


When I was putting lights in my game, I created a lamp, and now, I can`t find it.lol.
Is there any way to remove an object when you only know name of that object(with phyton or somehow)?
Plz help, this lamp is ruining my game:(

Edit: see other answers

How about clicking the key with ~ and` on it (next to the 1 and under escape) to select all the layers. Then look and see if you see your lamp. Also click Alt-h to unhide any hidden objects.

I think what you want is the outliner. Click on the window type button and then on outliner. Its shows all the objects in a tree which you can select by name. Really useful when your files get complex.

yea use the outliner, you can find everything by name. If it is parented to an object you will need to expand the parent listing to see the child.

Does nobody use the Outliner? :spin:

  1. enable all Layers
  2. find and select Your Object in the Outliner
  3. Use N-Key Menue to reset manually, or center View on it with NumPad-Comma-Key

Greez, Doc

Edit …
Oh … blenderage and Mmph! do. :slight_smile:

Ty, Blenderage, you rock.
That outliner is very helpful.