Missing objects when importing FBX to Substance painter


I’m trying to import this FBX into Substance Painter but it seems to lose half the windows and a window cill on import! Can anyone shed any light on this? Thank youConvenience_store_building.fbx (128.2 KB)

Pulled your FBX into Blender, the right windows have inverted normals, so probably just not showing up in SP.

Thanks Colkai,

That’s sorted it!

Also, would you have any idea what’s caused the weird anomalies on the building? It happened after I baked the textures! (can send file if helps?)


Normally that suggests an issue with the UVMap, where you have overlaying faces. If you have multiple objects all using the same material, then the textureset in SP expects one map for that material. I’ve fallen foul of this before. You need one UVMap layout per material. Either that, or rename you material to include the object, then simply copy the layers from one set to the other. In this case, I’d be inclined to name the material based on the object as you have a lot of space to cover. So green_roof, green_sides, green_slats etc.
If I select all objects using the material and edit them, you can see how badly the UVMap overlaps between objects. SP expects a ‘clean’ uvmap per textureset. As seen in the other picture. Also, the UVMap highlights one or two bits that have not been cleanly unwrapped.

EDIT: Looking at the model, I’d perosnally put in some seams manually to control the UVMapping more, I’m guessing you used one of the default unwraps? Also, you may have some coplanr geometry going on as well as I’m getting visual glitches in the viewport.