Missing Signal

“04.09.2077, Chief Captains notes - Orbital station #13 has yet to respond to our contact attempts. It has been roughly 48 hours since we last heard from them and we’re starting to get nervous down here… The scout ship will reach the station in about five hours. Hopefully this was just another signal failure – they seem to get more common.”

This was my entry for the monthly CG Boost challange “Abandoned Space Station” and I had a blast working on this piece! My intention with this project was to create a messy and chaotic looking wreck of a space station. As reference I used a lot of destroyed or abandoned environments / vehicles. Everything was made in Blender from the models to the rendering (except the compositing, which was made in Nuke.)
The hardest challenge was not getting caught up in details and focusing on the main composition. Way too often have I implemented more details only to delete them right after for the sake of clearance. Part of this progress can be seen in my Artstation post .


Very cool work, thanks for sharing!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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