missing tool shelf

hello, i seem to have a missing tool shelf, how do i get it back?

If you’re talking about the tools panel, press T while hovering the pointer in the 3D view. The custom tool shelf, which let you add buttons to the panel, has been removed.

i have the tool panel its the add tool button i lost, sorry

I’m not remember which exact version, but the “add tool” button have been removed since several versions of Blender.ing

is that so? why would they remove it? i have version 5.8 and the version in the video tutorial seems to be pretty much the same

why would they remove it?
The concept of Add Tool was to add tools to make your own customised toolshelf. In reality it didn’t remember the tools you’d added from one session to another so in effect it was pointless, hence removed.

I see! couldn’t they have fixed that instead of remove it? it seemed like a very handy concept.

Presumably not since it’s not there in the current version. If you want a custom toolshelf write a python script to make one. Look at blendercookie.com for tutorials to do such a thing.

Thanks, its something i may look into as i recently started learning python.