Mission of War

(A2597) #1

Two Thunderbolts approch an inhabited planet on a mission of destruction.


been awhile since I’ve been able to play with Blender…really didn’t have time to make this. :slight_smile: oh well, hour and a half less sleep is all. :slight_smile:

(@ce) #2

Looks really great man, the only thing that I would change are the stars in the background but thats all…
Your image is now as my desktop wallpaper :smiley:
good work

(Piraniac) #3

This is really good (i love space stuff anyway but this is really nice).
The compositions cool, like the mo-blur too, adds that feeling of movement (well, duh! but ya know what i mean, makes it more dynamic :wink: )

Did you create the textures yourself, and if so i would appreciate some info as i’m currently starting a space game, they look really striking.

Only crit (and this may be due to the low res or AA or something) is that the clouds look a little flat. Maybe a very subtle bump, just to give them some depth?

Anyway, its looking great :slight_smile:


(A2597) #4

the thing I really wanted was for the clouds to cast a shadow on the planet, unfortunally, I couldn’t get them to for some reason.

plus, its a desert planet (For the most part) clouds would be pretty thin. :slight_smile:

textures for the T’Bolt are thomas banners (Credit is in pic, its his model),
and the planet map is by somebody…dunno who. look for tatooeen maps (And I KNOW that isn’t the right spelling…I just don’t know what the right spelling is! :slight_smile: )

(S68) #5

Pretty cool :slight_smile:

I like the scene

For shodows…

Clouds are a texture on a greater, transparent, sphere isn’t it?

So, take that texture, invert it (black clouds, on white background)

blur it

Apply it to the planet :slight_smile:

Might work


(kaktuswasse) #6

i love this pic!! Just a cool scene with cool lighting and textures!
Great work!

cya henrik

(Piraniac) #7

I didn’t even look at it fullscreen :o
(you have my permission to call me stupid)

now that i’ve actually looked at it a decent size - hey! those clouds are really cool! yeah they do suit the desert environment and if you can get the shadows it will look so nice, keep at it