Misty night in Paris

I felt like doing an interior design render again, but wanted a different mood this time.

I got inspired by several pictures on the internet, and finally went for a darker, yet serene atmosphere. I also tried to give it a cinematic feel.

Misty night in Paris (vignette)

Full picture (room)

Full picture (tea pot)

More on: https://olitimero.artstation.com/


great work, nice color set!

great work

Thanks MontagID and User5.
I had a lot a fun with this teal duck color indeed.

Hello, very good job!
I like this work very much. As a parisian, though, this image looks very un-parisian to me, mainly because of the architecture (very high ceiling, shape of the window, plus there are hardly any naked brick walls in Paris (let alone near the Eiffel tower)). On top of that, the furniture is very british and not very french.
If it is photorealism you’re after, you might consider setting your scene in northern Europe (Berlin or Amsterdam might work for that purpose).
Keep up the good work!

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Bonjour Toctoc
Good to find neighbours here :smiley:
You are completely right.

And more:

  • the tea pot is from Japanese inspiration
  • almost no real apartment would have a ceiling of almost 6m!

It’s a personal render, where I admit I was just having fun with interior design, not trying to reproduce a typical french decoration.

But why not? This could also be the apartment of a traveled british guy, who moved to Paris with his furniture, or a French in love with decoration from around the world :wink:

I did actually another project in Paris, next to the Champ de Mars. That time was for a real apartment for real people, which hopefully looks more realistic in an environment setup point of view:

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great week!

Thank you Bart!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Very nice work! :slight_smile:

Nice render. Really good feel about light and colours. I think change the scale of the furniture make some smaller and some larger to fit enormous height of the ceiling :slight_smile:

That’s cool, thanks again Bart!

Thanks Farrukh too

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Thanks Neb :slight_smile:

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